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$9.99 daytime delivery is available Monday to Friday

The Great-Baste Farmboy (vase included!)


A one-of-a-kind, 360-degree Farmboy featuring dusty purple roses, peachy-salmon ranunculus and more of fall's finest stems!


Centrepiece arrives with the 6.5" vase on the side, as shown in the product image. Overall height is roughly 14'-16" - perfect for a dining table or credenza. 


Important deets: The exact flowers may vary slightly since we're working with nature. However, the palette will be on point and your blooms will be beautiful and fresh - guaranteed!

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This bouquet features a mix of seasonal autumn flowers sourced directly from our trusted growers. Lots of colour and texture, no two are exactly alike - that's the beauty of The Farmboy!

Some of the blooms may still be budded on arrival as we send only the freshest farm-cut flowers available. This means that they can be enjoyed for as long as possible!

This arrangement features naturally dusty mauve roses and lisianthus with a brownish tint. This is completely normal and what makes them so unique!

The bouquet will need a trim and a "zhuzh" in order to look it's absolute best in the included vase. See more recommended instructions below to best care for your blooms.
To maximize the life of your Farmboy:

  • Unwrap the bouquet and remove the hydration pack.
  • Guard petals (slightly blemished or discoloured outer petals) on the roses are intentionally left on as they protect the bloom during transit. They can be easily removed, if you wish, though we often prefer to leave them intact as they add character and make the rose open nicer!
  • Remove any leaves or foliage that would be below the waterline to avoid contaminating the water.
  • Fill the included vase with room temperature water and add a sprinkle of the provided flower food. Hang onto the package for future waterings.
  • Trim the stems so it fits nicely in the vase (pro tip: the lowest bloom should sit 1"-1.5" above the lip of the vase), remove the elastic and place flowers in the vase. This Trimming the stems will also help with water absorption so do not miss this important step!
  • Finally, give your Farmboy a little “zhuzh” in the vase so it looks its absolute best!
  • Change/add fresh water daily, adding a sprinkle of flower food each time to prolong the life of your Farmboy.
  • Fresh flowers enjoy natural light and to be in a cool, dry environment, just keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources (like an oven or radiator).
  • Reminder! This hand tied bouquet features a mix of different flowers, some of which will bloom faster than others and at different times. Remove stems as they expire to keep others blooming bright!

Since we are working with nature, the exact flowers may vary slightly, but the palette will be on point and your blooms will be beautiful and fresh - guaranteed! 

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