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Product availability, delivery dates and time slots are temporarily limited due to supply disruptions.

The earliest possible delivery date is indicated on the specific product image.

We're forever grateful for the privilege to help you spread joy during this challenging time ♥

Peony Collection

Your soon to be favourite flower (if not already) is here for a good time, not a long time, so enjoy them while they’re in season!
Sarah B's Peonies (12 Stems) Sarah B's Peonies (12 Stems)

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Sarah B's Peonies (12 Stems)


Peo-need 'em! (12 Stems) Peo-need 'em! (12 Stems)

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Peo-need 'em! (12 Stems)


DOUBLE Peo-need 'em! (24 Stems) DOUBLE Peo-need 'em! (24 Stems)

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DOUBLE Peo-need 'em! (24 Stems)


Peony Colada (15 Stems) Peony Colada (15 Stems)

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Peony Colada (15 Stems)

$96 $86

Farmboy Collection

A Tonic Blooms original, one-of-a-kind, farm-style bouquet featuring seasonal flowers all wrapped up in our signature denim!  
The Fun Farmboy The Fun Farmboy

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The Fun Farmboy


The Statement Farmboy The Statement Farmboy

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The Statement Farmboy


The Go-To Farmboy The Go-To Farmboy

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The Go-To Farmboy


Curated Collection

Featuring the most extraordinary flowers aroud!  Fresh cut flower offerings evolve with the season and what you see is what we deliver.
Calla-fornia Dreaming (20 Stems) Calla-fornia Dreaming (20 Stems)

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Calla-fornia Dreaming (20 Stems)


Super-Calla-fragilistic! (20 Stems) Super-Calla-fragilistic! (20 Stems)

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Super-Calla-fragilistic! (20 Stems)


Frizzy Lizzy Frizzy Lizzy

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Frizzy Lizzy


Double Bubble Double Bubble

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Double Bubble


Plant Collection

Indoor potted plants for your desk, kitchen sill or living room - delivered to your door! Because y'know, plants make people happy too! *No green thumb required

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Petite Blanc Orchid Petite Blanc Orchid

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Petite Blanc Orchid


The Luna Cactus The Luna Cactus

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The Luna Cactus