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Calla On Me (30 Stems)


A grower's mix of calla lilies you can rely on! Assorted pinks and a splash of white -  alright! No pollen, no scent. Just pure class.


Important deets: The exact shade and colour mix may vary slightly, and your blooms will be beautiful and fresh, guaranteed!

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These extraordinary flowers are named after the Greek word for beautiful - calla - and they truly live up to their name! Grown in almost every colour of the rainbow (including black!), calla lilies are especially intriguing as they’re the only flower with just a single petal.

Grown right here in Ontario, rest assured that they're the freshest stems around!

While the flowers are quite hearty, the calla lily stems will break down if there is too much water in the vase. Be sure to fill the vase with just enough water to submerge two inches of the stems and change it daily.

Your calla lilies are safely wrapped in a hydration bag and packaged in our signature carrying carton, keeping them fresh until you put them in a vase. See additional recommended instructions below to best care for your calla lilies.
To maximize the life of your calla lilies:

  • Unwrap your flowers and remove the hydration pack.
  • Fill a vase with a cup of room temperature water and add a sprinkle of the provided flower food. Hang onto the package for future waterings.
  • Trim the stems for best water absorption, remove the tie and place flowers in the vase. There should be just enough water to submerge two inches of the stems. This may seem unusual, but if the entire stems are fully submerged in water, they will begin to break down.
  • Change water daily, adding a sprinkle of flower food to the water each time to prolong the life of your blooms.
  • Fresh flowers enjoy natural light and to be in a cool, dry environment, just keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources (like an oven or radiator).
  • Remove individual calla lilies as they expire (think mushy, slimy, droopy - yuck!) to keep the others healthy & bright!

The exact colour mix may vary slightly but your blooms will be beautiful and fresh - guaranteed!

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