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Mimosa Flower Care

Mimosa - the official flower of International Women's Day - is a type of branch made up of yellow sweet-scented flowers, which we've arranged in a trendy 6" gold vase. $5 from each arrangement will be donated to Women's College Hospital Foundation to support new women’s health research, clinical care and innovations that create a stronger health system for everyone.

Mimosa is a delicate flower with a shorter-than-average lifespan, typically blooming for 2-4 days when cut. It is completely normal for the flowers to decrease in volume and droop, though they can be easily preserved by removing from water and drying upside down.

The vase contains water that may have spilled during travel, so it's important to add more water immediately upon receipt. See our recommended instructions below to best care for your mimosa.

To maximize the life of your miomsa:

  • Remove the arrangement from the box - be extra careful as the vase contains water and the flowers are delicate. It is normal for the flowers to fall off the branch during transit.
  • Add water immediately! To do so, in a separate container, mix a sprinkle of provided flower food with room temperature water and carefully pour into the vase. Hang onto the packet for future waterings and repeat this step daily to prolong the life of your blooms.
  • Keep the flowers in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Keep away from pets as mimosa is toxic to them.
  • Mimosa will naturally shed and decrease in volume though can still be enjoyed as it dries.
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