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Last chance to send Ontario’s best PEONIES. Now 45% off!
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Thu, Mar 25, 2021

I'm not a regular rose, I'm a COOL rose! (is what our roses would be saying if they could talk, and I swear, sometimes they can...)

Roses are the quintessential flower -when you think flowers, you think roses... and that can be part of the problem! Roses can get a bad rep for being basic or expected, but that's not fair! We don't want your lucky recipient to ever think "oh geez not another dozen red roses". That's why we're always showcasing the most breathtaking varieties we can get our hands on! 

That's right, WE'RE BRINGING ROSES BACK! Here are some of the roses we've featured to show you exactly what we mean.

Yellow Catalina Garden Roses

Hope you got your sunnies on because these bright yellow beauties are BURSTING with sunshine!

Pink Expression Garden Roses

Another garden rose crowd pleasure, these babies have an extremely high petal count, so when they bloom, the bloom big! It's a real treat to watch these stems strut their stuff.

Local "Tie-Dye" Garden Roses

It's rare to find locally grown garden roses, but we have flourishing relationships with the local growers here in Ontario who produce some of the most unique and amazing blooms.

See what we mean? Not all roses are created equal, but rest assured, Tonic Blooms roses are always fresh, beautiful and unique. So don't think twice about sending a Tonic Blooms rose bunch to your lucky recipient for a special occasion, a sweet gesture, or no reason at all!
Let's get blooming!