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Last chance to send Ontario’s best PEONIES. Now 45% off!
$9.99 daytime delivery is available Monday to Friday

Thu, Mar 25, 2021

Since starting off as Toronto's first and only on-demand florist, over the years we've grown to be Ontario's most trusted and reliable flower delivery service, serving all of our amazing Bloomers across Southern Ontario and hopefully across Canada soon!

While there are so many amazing local flower shops to support and enjoy, we do things a bit differently. By focusing on providing the most stress-free, reliable and convenient experience and sourcing the highest quality blooms directly from growers, we hope to turn all of our beloved Bloomers from customers into family.


Here's some of the reasons why Tonic Blooms has become the go-to destination for flower delivery in Ontario for thousands of customers:


Freshness, quality and style are the key ingredients to all of our bouquets and arrangements.

By offering a curated selection of modern designs, we're able to manage our inventory and waste differently than a retail flower shop. Not only is less waste more sustainable for the environment but it translates into savings for you!


The perfect flower delivery experience start to finish! 

It goes without saying that our bouquets need to be top notch for you and your lucky recipient, but we realize there is so much more to the flower delivery experience than just the flowers themselves. Tonic Blooms is fun-loving brand with the goal of bring joyfulness back to sending flowers and helping you make someone's day. These values shine through all aspects of our business. We've tried to strip out all the pain points you are used to with traditional flower delivery, like complicated checkouts, hidden fees and ridiculous packaging, to make your experience as delightful as can be!


Convenient and reliable delivery. 

We offer 2-hour on-demand delivery windows in the Toronto core, as well as multiple same-day delivery options for the rest of Southern Ontario, including Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, Vaughan and more! We realize flower delivery can be stressful so we make sure to keep you posted throughout the delivery process to ensure that all deliveries are smooth and successful. 


The Tonic Blooms touch. 

At Tonic Blooms, it's the DELIGHT that's in the details, and its those details that make us so special. Whether its the signature denim we wrap around our Farmboy bouquets to keep them cozy during travel, or our very snazzy custom carrying carton, no detail is spared to make sure that we tantalize all of your senses throughout the flower delivery experience!

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to make someone's day and we're always here to help, so don't be a stranger and let's get blooming!