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Boysenberry Cymbidium


Three stalks of purple-dark pink cymbidium orchids - known as "cymbids" around here! - stand tall with up to 30 heads. Just snip these striking stems and drop them into your favourite vase for a contemporary and stunning look! 


Each stem is unique so the colour may vary slightly, but your blooms will be beautiful and fresh - guaranteed!

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Glossy White Ceramic Vase

Glossy White Ceramic Vase


Tonic Blooms Japanese Floral Scissors

Tonic Blooms Japanese Floral Scissors



7.5" Tall x 3.5" Glass


Chocolat De Kat 9 pc. Bon Bons

Chocolat De Kat 9 pc. Bon Bons


Chocolat De Kat 4 pc. Bon Bons

Chocolat De Kat 4 pc. Bon Bons


Each of the cymbidium orchids will arrive in removable water tubes that’ll keep flowers fresh for roughly 15 hours. Blooms will vary in size and colour may vary slightly. Flowers will arrive in our signature carrying carton for safe and convenient travel. 
Carefully unwrap flowers and remove the bag and water tubes. Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water and stir in a sprinkle of the provided flower food. Hang onto the package for future waterings. Trim the stems on a diagonal angle for best water absorption, remove the tie and place in the vase. Change / add fresh water daily, stirring in a sprinkle of flower food each time to prolong the life of your blooms. Cymbids will also benefit from a light misting every few days. Keep the flowers in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts to avoid extreme temperatures. Remove stems as they expire to keep the others blooming bright!