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Zee-Zee Plant


With it's long and waxy green wand-like stems, the "ZZ", Zanzibar Gem or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (say that ten times fast!) plant, is a near indestructible indoor plant. It is highly adaptable and thrives in a wide range of conditions, great for home and office.


Zee-Zee Plant arrives potted in the 6.5" white cylinder pot. Total height of plant and pot is 16".


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Chocolat De Kat 9 pc. Bon Bons

Chocolat De Kat 9 pc. Bon Bons


Chocolat De Kat 4 pc. Bon Bons

Chocolat De Kat 4 pc. Bon Bons


Ride The Wave is a blue wave fern plant. This popular house plant has curly bluish green leaves that do not shed when they get old - instead they branch into fingers and symbolize a star fern. It is planted in a white ceramic pot size is 5.5" x 5.5", with total height approx. 14"-16". Ride the Wave can only delivered by car so those delivery options will be reflected when selecting delivery date and time during checkout. 
Light/Temperature: Zee-Zee Plant Prefers medium-bright indirect light, but very tolerant of all light levels, making it exceptionally easy to care for. As it grows in semi-tropical forests, the fern will benefit in rooms with higher humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Water: Water sparingly, prefers to dry out between waterings. Zee-Zee Plant can also benefit from a light misting once ina while if placed in lower humidity area, such as a living room.A care card is included with these simple steps to maximize plant longevity.