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Xerographica Air Plant (w/ frame)


No soil? No problem! Air plants grow without being rooted in soil. How cool is that?!

We've matched the silvery green plant with a wooden grey wash frame - an excellent choice for a sill, bookshelf or coffee table. 


Light: Bright indirect

Water: Mist weekly, soak every 3-4 weeks


Plant arrives hooked onto the 7" x 7" wood frame shown. 

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Xerographica Air plant arrives hooked in the 7" x 7" wooden frame shown. 

Light: Prefers bright indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun. Water: Mist weekly and soak every 3-4 weeks. A care card is included with these simple steps to maximize longevity.

How do I "soak" the air plant?

Just fill a bowl with lukewarm water and submerge the plant completely for 20-30 minutes. After their soak, remove your air plant from the water, gently shake off the excess water so that no water sits pooled on the leaves. Lay the plant out to dry completely for about 1-2 hours before placing it back into the frame. A nice sunny window sill is a perfect place to let it dry and soak up some sunlight, however it cannot tolerate direct sunlight.

Can the air plant be planted?

Not a good idea! If the air plant is in soil, the moisture in the soil will lead to rotting.

Ok, but if there's no soil, how does the plant get it's nutrients?

Since air plants do not live in soil, they get all of their moisture, light and nutrients through their leaves.

Why does the air plant feel fuzzy?

You may notice that your air plants have a white, fuzzy, layer on their leaves, especially after a good watering. This is called "trichomes" which are small outgrowths on the leaves that absorb water and nutrients for the plants ☺

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