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The Bahama Mama

$61 $56

With its elongated green leaves and electric pink stripes, this calathea ornata will transport you right to the famous pink sand beach in The Bahamas - no plane ticket required! Plant arrives potted in 6.25" ceramic compote.


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The calathea ornata, also know as a pin stripe calathea, comes from the prayer plant family and known for its distinctive patterned leaves and effervescent colours. Plant varieties will vary slightly from slightly but we guarantee each one will be beautiful! Ceramic pot is 6.25" wide x 4.75" tall. Plant stands roughly 12" tall and will arrive in our signature carrying carton for safe and convenient travel. 
Light: Calathea ornata thrives in bright indirect light. Best to avoid direct light as it may burn plant leaves. As a memeber of the prayer plant family, leaves will turn upward in the evening as they search for light, or "pray."Water: Water about once a week, always allowing the top of the soil to dry in between waterings. Never keep soil soggy. As a tropical plant, the calathea will benefit from a light weekly misting to provide humidity. A care card is included with these simple steps to maximize plant longevity.