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Strawberry Pink Anthurium


A tropical plant often referred to as the “flamingo flower” because of its unusual and unique shape.  These aren't technically flowers, but are modified waxy leaves - cool, right?! 


Light: Bright medium to low indirect light

Water: Every 1-2 weeks


Plant arrives in a 6" grow pot,. Add a planter from the selection below!

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This is a real live plant ideal for indoors, perfect for the home and office. The plant will arrive in the grow pot, packaged safely protected from the elements. We've done our best to source plants as similar as possible to the product image, but as with all living things, there will naturally be some variation from plant to plant. Anthurium plant produces new flowers throughout the year. Each bloom can last up to eight weeks, and new ones will pop up often.  When the plant has shiny leaves and is producing new flowers, they are enjoying favourable conditions! Be sure to remove any dried or faded leaves / flowers should any appear. Bloom size and colours may vary slightly.  

Light: Anthurium plants can tolerate bright medium to low, indirect sunlight. Water: Every 1-2 weeks, allow soil to dry out between waterings. This plant will benefit from a light weekly misting. *A care card is included with steps to maximize plant longevity.

If I add a planter to my order, will the plant arrive planted in the planter?

If you add a planter, the plant will arrive in the grow pot nestled inside the planter.

Why doesn't this plant come potted in the planter?

A plant of this size needs about two weeks to get acclimated to its new environment. After two weeks, you're welcome to remove the grow pot and repot the plant directly into the planter, though it is not necessary if your plant is thriving!

Should I repot my plant?

If there is room for the plant to grow in the grower pot and the plant is thriving, let it be! The grower pots have drainage holes so when it's time to water, you can pull the plant from the planter, water it, let it drain and easily drop it back into the pot without worrying about drowning the plant.

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