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Say Cheese!


Nicknamed the “swiss cheese plant”, the Monstera is best known for its dramatic and quirky natural leaf holes. A vibrant green and popular plant that will give instant jungle vibes 🌱


Plant arrives planted in the 6.75"X 6.75 speckled blue/grey pot with a solid black bottom. 

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Say Cheese! will arrive potted in the 6.75" x 6.75" spekled blue/grey pot. Total height of plant and pot is approx. 15" tall. Because of its size, Say Cheese! can only be delivered by car so those delivery options will be reflected when selecting delivery date and time during checkout.
Light: As tropical plants, monstera plants thrive in bright direct and indirect light. Do not put directly under the sun as leaves will burn. Water: Water approximately once a week and allow soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. A light misting every now and again is helpful in creating the tropical environment. Overwatering will cause root-rot and kill your plant. A care card is included with these simple steps to maximize longevity.