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Say Aloe to My Little Friend

$56 $51

A unique member of the succulent family, this Aloe Humulis plant is drought-tolerant and looooves sunshine! It is also known as a spider aloe, for its white speckles and (soft) spikes.

Plant arrives potted in the 4.75" x 4.5" matte white vase shown.


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Say Aloe to My Little Friend  is an Aloe Humulis plant. Will arrive potted in the 4.75" x 4.5" tall matte white ceramic pot. Total height of Say Aloe to My Little Friend is approx. 8" tall. Say Aloe to My Little Friend  will arrive in our signature carrying carton for safe and convenient travel.
Light: Thrives in direct sunlight, can tolerate to bright indirect light. Suited for intense, direct sun.Water: Water very infrequently, when the soil is dry. When watering Say Aloe to My Little Friend, check the soil by putting a finger 2 inches into the plant. If the soil feels dry, water it. If not, do not water. During winter, it requires a very little amount of water. Overwatering will kill your plant! A care card is included with these simple steps to maximize longevity.