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Rose Garden (12 stems)


12 stems of creamy pink + glowing apricot Ontario-grown garden roses. Like so many good things, these local beauties are only available once a year so stock up while you can! 


NOTE: These are not your typical garden roses! These are grown ecologically outdoors and as a result may have some minor blemishes on the outer guard petals - a natural reaction from being exposed to the elements. The spots are normal and will make their way to the underside as the roses open, but the petals can be removed entirely if preferred. 

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Rose Garden is a 12-stem bouquet of Ontario-grown garden roses. These are not your typical garden roses! These stems are grown ecological and outdoors and may have some minor pinkish blemishes on the outer guard petals which is a reaction from natural dew and the sun. The spots are normal and will make their way to the underside as the rose blooms. 

Colour mix may vary slightly from bunch to bunch but we guarantee they will be fresh and that you and your recipient will love them! Ontario garden roses are smaller than South American garden roses but have more heart ❣️ Roses will arrive in our carrying carton for safe and convenient travel.

Roses will arrive in a hydration pack with water that will keep them fresh during travel for up to 24 hours. To maximize longevity, mix a small amount of provided flower food with cold water, stir to dilute and carefully pour into your vase. Hang onto the flower food package and repeat this step daily. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place and enjoy! Change water daily to keep flowers happiest :) A care card is included with these helpful tips for flower care.

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