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Pine Wreath


We're feelin' pine and dandy about our short needle pine, Leland cypress, red berry and eucalyptus wreath! 💁‍♀️ No sticky sap here, that's for sure! 


The wreath measures approximately 20"-22” in diameter and arrives with a burlap ribbon. 


*Available until December 23rd or until sold out. Pre-book today! 


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All wreaths are handcrafted, containing a mix of seasonal foliage and wintergreens. It is best hung on your door, above a mantle, in a living room or above a bed! They are all natural and should be expected to crisp within 2 weeks. Expect and embrace changes in colour, texture and size!

Helpful care tips are below and included with the order.

3 easy steps for wreath care! 

  1. Upon arrival, unpack the wreath and give it a zhuzh. 
  2. Keep your wreath away from warm radiators and direct sunlight. 
  3. Mist your wreath daily with cool water to keep the foliage supple.


How long will the wreath last?

All wreaths are natural products that should be expected to dry within 1-2 weeks. Expect (and embrace!) changes in colour, texture and size. You can enjoy the wreath in its dried state for as long as you wish!

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