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Over The Rainbow (25 Stems)


Some-wheeeerrre Over The Rainbow way up high these fcolorful fancy tulips will surely grow!


Fine print: This is a grower's choice mix so the exact mix will vary but your tulips will be fresh and beautiful - guaranteed!

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Over The Rainbow is a 25-stem mix of assorted fancy tulips. 

Flowers are wrapped in a water hydration pack that’ll keep them fresh for roughly 12 hours and will arrive in our signature carrying carton for safe and convenient travel. Tulips are delivered in closed buds as they are fresh from the grower, which means you will be able to enjoy them for longer as they open over the course of a few days. Warmer water can accelerate the opening of the flowers should you wish for them to bloom faster. See below for our recommended instructions to best care for your tulips.  

To maximize the life of your tulips: 

  • Unwrap your flowers and remove the hydration pack and tie. 
  • Trim the stems upon arrival for best water absorption and place flowers in a clean vase filled with room temperature water. 
  • Tulips drink A LOT! Change/add fresh water daily and trim the stems every other day to prolong the life of your blooms. 
  • Keep the flowers in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and heat. Some flowers will bloom faster than others and at different times. 
  • Remove stems as they expire to keep the others blooming bright! 
  • Tulips grow quickly and will point in unpredictable directions. That's just part of their cheerful charm! 
  • Why no flower food? Changing / adding water and trimming the stems regularly are really all tulips need to keep them happy and healthy!

A care card is included with your order. 

Growers mix will vary but your double tulips will be fresh fro our growers - guaranteed!

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