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Creep it Real Halloween Treat Pack


Don't take candy from strangers, take it from us and Chocolat de Kat! This frightful and delightful goodie bag features a 9-pack of spooky bonbons, 3 cookie butter crunch pumpkins and 2 butterfinger ghoul sticks. Talk about eye candy!

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8" Tall x 3" Glass


Chocolat De Kat Halloween Treat Pack

Chocolat De Kat Halloween Treat Pack


Exclusive Opal Friendship Bracelet by Mai Lin

Exclusive Opal Friendship Bracelet by Mai Lin


Sangria Herbal Tea by The Honest Leaf

Sangria Herbal Tea by The Honest Leaf


Calla it the Boos is a 20-stem bunch of locally grown Ontario calla lilies. Flowers are wrapped in a water hydration pack that’ll keep them fresh for roughly 12 hours. The flowers vary in size and may differ in colour slightly but are guaranteeed fresh! Flowers will arrive in our signature carrying carton for safe and convenient travel.
Calla it the Boos stems will need a slight, quick trim upon arrival. While the flowers are quite hearty, the calla lily stems will break down if there is too much water in the vase. Fill the vase with just enough water to submerge two inches of the stems and stir in a sprinkling of provided flower food. Hang onto the flower food for future waterings and repeat this step daily. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place and enjoy! A care card is included with these helpful tips for flower care.